I believe femininity is a construction, and not something biological or inherent to women. Through my personal lens I see the social construct of femininity defined through consumer culture. It takes time to become feminine; it's not just a personality, it is also a physical mask. The materials and products considered feminine are sensual, seductive and pretty. To perform femininity is to  immerse into beauty and luxury.   

          Beauty has an overwhelming power. A serious combustion derived from the pressures of society.  Beauty presents a standard of comparison which can cause feelings of resentment. Beauty can be savage. It creates an inclusive hierarchy which others try to emulate in a spectrum of seriousness to the absurd to feel included.

          Through this visual essay I am embracing beauty in the traditional concepts of femininity. Furthermore I have challenged these traditional concepts by expressing the extremity of the overindulgent hyper-feminine.  This hyper femininity can be simultaneously empowering to some and crippling to others who try to fit in an arbitrary mold of beauty. Mouthful of Diamonds presents viewers the opportunity to evaluate their personal relationship with beauty and the feminine.