My work uses material as language. Glass has a provocative allure surrounding the medium which I embrace. The material depicts commodity, luxury, and labor. Glass exists in a gaze.

The Merriam-Webster definition of Gaze means "to look steadily, intently, and with fixed attention." The term Gaze became popular for its more complex definitions by psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan. Though there are countless subcategories for his theory it was first defined as an anxious state of awareness that something or someone is a visible object. This concept is bound with the theory of the mirror stage, (in which a child encountering a mirror realizes that he or she has an external appearance). Lacan suggests the gaze effect can be produced by any conceivable object such as a car or a Iphone. This is Not to say the object behaves optically as a mirror; instead it means that the awareness of any object can induce an awareness of also being an object. In this vein I propose glass to exist in a subcategory of the gaze - the glass gaze.

                    I exploit the preciousness of glass to convey luxury, I also exploit laborious measures it takes to create objects. The process of glass is a full mind, body and community experience. Blowing glass requires an active body. Through my practice I sweat, get burned, get cut, lift heavy objects and dance back and forth between a bench and glory hole. The mind is constantly in the present. It is in these moments that make the object precious to me. During this it is also required to constantly communicate to a team of people. My studio practice and personal process long for this interaction to keep my mind clear. Immersing myself within a community of people allows me to explore other’s life experiences and absorb new perspectives on life.

                It is this state of being that glass speaks to me, through community and through the glass gaze.


Education |


2014- 2017       Wisconsin Madison University; M.A. 2016. M.F.A. Glass 2017. Madison, WI

2009                  Longwood University; Bachelor of Fine Art, Craft Program. Farmville, VA



Selected Exhibitions/ Artist Talks | \

2020               Undeniable Love, Pilchuck Gallery; Curated by Eli Hansen. Norfolk, VA.                                                                                                                          

2019               Let Them Eat Cake, Old Dominion University. Norfolk, VA.

2019               Now Playing: New Forms in Contemporary Glass, William King Museum of Art. Abingdon, VA.

2019               Transformation, Virginia Burners Work Program Architects Gallery.  Norfolk, VA.

2019               Fresh Masters, Urban Glass. Brooklyn, NY.

2018               Featured Artist, VIP Centerpieces for Pilchuck Live Auction. Seattle, WA.

2017               Guest Lecture, Salem Community College. Salem, NJ.

2017               Pilchuck Auction Preview Show, Pilchuck Gallery. Seattle, WA.

2017               Third Thursday - Savage Beauty, Chrysler Museum Glass Studio. Norfolk, VA.

2017               Winnowers Exhibition, Tory Folliard Gallery; Milwaukee, WI.

2017               13 Artist Talking Separately, Madison Museum of Contemporary Art. Madison, WI.

2017               Breaking Barriers, Tidewater Community College. Portsmouth, VA.

2017               Mouthful of Diamonds, Solo MFA Show, Art Lofts Gallery. Madison, WI.

2017               Nasty Women Art Exhibition, The Knockdown Center. Maspeth, NY.    

2016               Abjection, 7th Floor Gallery. Madison, WI.

2016               Gl@ss, Art Lofts Gallery. Madison, WI.

2016               We Are All Pink on the Inside, Solo MA Exhibit, 7th Floor Gallery. Madison, WI.

2015               Amorphous Arrest, Art Lofts Gallery. Madison, WI.

2015               Motika, Art Lofts Gallery. Madison, WI.

2015               Pilchuck Auction Award Exhibition, Pilchuck Gallery. Seattle, WA.

2015               Bi-annual Light Show, Children’s Museum. Madison, WI.

2015               Status Report, Art Lofts Gallery. Madison, WI.

2015               Hip Pop, American Craft Council. St. Paul Indianapolis, MO.

2014               Separate Checks, Art lofts Gallery. Madison, WI.

2014               Found Out, Co-Curator, Art Lofts Gallery. Madison, WI.

2014               Glass and the Body, Art Lofts Gallery. Madison, WI.

2014               Mapping the Future, Portsmouth Gallery. Portsmouth, VA.

2013               Grey Matters, The Suffolk Art Gallery. Suffolk, VA.

2013               James Renwick Alliance Glass Fashion Show, Women in Military Service for America Memorial. Washington D.C. 

2013               This House is a Home, Solo Exhibit, Vestibule 102, Chrysler Glass Studio. Norfolk, VA.


Residencies/Grants |

2019               Emerging Artist in Residence, Pilchuck Glass School. Stanwood, WA.

2018               Project Based Fellowship, Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center. Millville, NJ.

2018               Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass (AACG) Visionary Scholarship, Pilchuck Glass School. Stanwood, WA. 

2015-17          University of Wisconsin Madison Travel Grant. Madison, WI

2015               Professional Development Grant. Madison, WI.           

2014-15          Anne Wilkins and Robert Mayer Boltz Wisconsin Distinguished Graduate Fellowship. Madison, WI

2013               Chrysler Museum Glass Studio Scholarship. Chrysler Museum Glass Studio. Norfolk, VA.



Professional Glass Experience | 


2020               Art Handling and Shipping. Subcontract for a variety of artists via Museum of Glass. Tacoma, WA.

2019               Pilchuck Glass School. Program Supervisor. Stanwood, WA.

2018               Pilchuck Glass School. Hot Shop Coordinator. Stanwood, WA

2018               David Willis. Assistant. Kenmore, WA.

2018               ASP & Hand Glass. Eli Hansen. Assistant. Everette, WA.

2018               Glassbaby. Glassblower. Madrona, WA.

2017               Stan O’Neil Glass. Assistant glassblower. Camano Island, WA.

2017               Pilchuck Glass School. EAIRS Coordinator. Stanwood, WA.

2017               Pilchuck Glass School. Audio/Visual Coordinator, Cold Shop Coordinator. Stanwood, WA.

2016-17         University of Wisconsin - Madison. Glass Lab Technician. Madison, WI.

2016               Pilchuck Glass School. Cold Shop Coordinator, Flat Shop Coordinator. Stanwood, WA.

2015-16         Helen Lee. Project Assistant. Madison, WI.

2015               Pilchuck Glass School. Hot shop Assistant, Kitchen Lead, Cold Shop Assistant. Stanwood, WA.

2015               Charlotte Potter. Art Assistant. Norfolk, VA.

2014-16         Helen Lee. Pole Turning/Assistant. Madison, WI.

2014               Ryan Gothrup.  Mobile Hot Shop Demonstration. Artisphere; Greenville, SC.

2014               Missoula Glass. Ornament Blower. Various locations.

2014               Susan Gott, Phoenix Studios. Assistant. Tampa, FL.

2014               Jeff Lindsey. Board Assistant, GAS. Chicago, IL.

2013-14          Twin Glass Studios. Assistant glassblower. Prospect, KY.

2013               Thermon Stanton; Gaffing/Assistant for CHKD installation. Norfolk, VA.

2012-14          Nomadic Glass. Mobile Hot Shop Demonstration. Norfolk, VA.

2011-13          Tidewater Community College. Adjunct Faculty. Norfolk, VA.

2010-13         Tidewater Community College. Teaching Assistant & Hot shop Technician. Portsmouth, VA.

2011-13          Chrysler Museum Glass Studio. Assistant & Technician Assistant. Norfolk, VA.

2011-13          Ryan Gothrup. Various locations in VA, NC, SC.

2011-13          Julia Rogers and Robin Rogers. Pole Turning/Assistant. Norfolk, VA.

2013               Pilchuck Glass School. Kitchen Coordinator. Stanwood, WA.

2012               Pilchuck Glass School. Kitchen Assistant. Stanwood, WA.

2011               Edward Francis. Various locations in VA, PA.

2010-13         Ryan Gothrup. Pole Turning/Assistant. Portsmouth, VA. 


Teaching Experience |


2019               Teaching Assistant. Deb Adler, Beginning Glass Blowing. Ox Bow Craft School. Sarutuck, MI.

2018               Instructor; Surface Treatment and Cold Construction, Salem Community College. Salem, New Jersey.

2017               Instructor; Summer Studio - Lampworking. University Wisconsin Madison. Madison, WI.

2017               Instructor; Lampworking Art 448. University Wisconsin Madison. Madison WI. 

2016               Instructor; Shining Brightly Together: Celebrating Individualism Through Teamwork. Girls Inc, Madison WI.

2015-16         Teaching Assistant; Helen Lee. Glass for Occupational Therapy. Madison, WI.

2012-13          Instructor; Intro to Glass. Tidewater Community College, Portsmouth, VA.

2012-13          Teaching Assistant; Julia Robins; Intermediate Glassblowing. Portsmouth, VA.

2012-13          Teaching Assistant; Charlotte Potter; Beginning Glassblowing. Norfolk, VA.

2012                Teaching Assistant; Robin Rogers. Norfolk, VA.

2011-13           Teaching Assistant; Ryan Gothrup; Intermediate Glassblowing. Portsmouth, VA.

2011-13           Teaching Assistant; Edward Francis; Beginning/Intermediate Glassblowing. Portsmouth, VA.